This is the Jester's editorial team. Good luck getting past these two.

Lori Titus

Lori Titus is an author, ghostwriter and editor. She can usually
be found hiding out in a small California town where she uses
the locals for story fodder. A pet lover, caffeine addict, and
avid reader, she hopes to create stories that people remember long after reading them. You can follow her latest antics on Twitter as @Loribeth215. You can find her stories and novels here.

Jonathan Lambert

Jonathan Lambert has always been a fan of the horror genre, but specifically horror/comedy. It all started when he convinced his mother to take him to see The Exorcist in the theater when he was 8 years old. He had nightmares. Big time. Then he saw Evil Dead 2 in college, and has just been a huge fan of horror/comedy ever since. Groovy Baby! You can find his stories and novels here.